Fresh 35 to 35

Fresh 35 to 35

There are 35 days until I turn 35 years old. This is day one.

The past two years have been extremely difficult for me. It’s been a rollercoaster ride.

I’ve let stress build in ways that are unhealthy, I’ve worked in a way that’s been toxic for my body and that has expedited decline in my health and well being. I’ve continuously put others needs ahead of my own. I’ve felt distanced and discarded by community and I’ve let myself sit in that space, often in a space of isolation and feeling of immobility.

All that and… and. And:

The next 35 days are a time for Restoration.

Restore. Restoration. Return

“Restoration is what I need, someone to scrape and chip until I bleed, and when my pieces start to fade and crack, paint it all back…” ~Doria Roberts

I am thirsty- literally and figuratively. I am thirsty for water. Hydration.

I am thirsty for Music.  I am thirsty for healing.

The next 35 days are a time for, Radical... A Radical Overhaul of Fresh. A revolution. A rebellion.

I am a Revolutionary.

Radical from the Latin…

Latin Radix - Root

Radical … Forming the root

  1. (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

This is a time for me to go to the root. Be Thorough. Reach far.  Grab the weeds and uproot them from the soil so I can cultivate something new. I want to grow.  

Get deep and remove that which is toxic. That which has deeply rooted itself. That which I learned for far too long. That which has been modeled to me through years of being raised and surrounded by Southern Strong Black Women. That which has me be..  be Mama Fresh… sacrificing myself.. Giving of myself. Pouring from my pitcher until I’m empty.

I’m talking about Radical Self Care and Love for me, and me first. 35 days. I’m talking ‘bout shifting ... Whatcha’ know about that internal paradigm I have in place?  A paradigm shift. 35 days.

Uproot the pattern and practice something new. Practice Sleep. Practice saying NO, Practice Dance. Move again. Moving because I’m feeling so damn stagnant. Move because my blood needs to circulate, to pump fiercely.

Practice Writing.  “I need to write.”  Practice being a better employee, a better entrepreneur, a better partner, a better lover, a better daughter, sister, friend. Practice being a better me for….ME.

For my brown babies waiting to be conceived. Waiting patiently and eagerly to come rip some shit up in this world. Waiting for me to mama them. soon.

The next 35 days are a time for Rebuilding

Stacking Paper and stacking skills and stacking….

“Stacks on stacks on stacks”

Building a new foundation upon which it all can flourish. Building soil. Fertility. Soil so rich that it produces powerful healing in each plant. In each person.

I’m planning to embark on a journey over the next 35 days that hits all areas of my life. From: taking care of my physical well being, getting enough sleep, eating , drinking enough water, going after my fitness goals, and doing what my medical dr says and more. (Shout out because I have the most kickass primary care physician ever)

To: Working on my financial health and well-being for the present and also setting myself up for the future. A different kinda grind and hustle moving forward.

And: Things that i just need for various reasons… improving my spoken spanish and my confidence in speaking to folks, Developing better practices around my productivity and well-being as an employee and entrepreneur. Starting to minimize, declutter and Marie Kondo-ing my life

I’ll share more throughout these blog posts on what I’m working on each day as well as sharing things that might be useful for me to share to others.

I’m excited for these 35 days. I look forward to your support. I’ll share tomorrow of ways I would love support.

Fresh 35 to 35. Fresh’s 35 to 35.

Let’s Go!

Fresh Roberson