Available from November to the end of the year. Contact me for more details.

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Fresh has limited Capacity and Availability for certain bookings. But it never hurts to ask! See if I'm available. I'm most likely to make space and give an enthusiastic YES to  Speaking events, Classes, and if you need me to Cook for your Retreat. Retreat Cooking is some of my favorite. Additionally playing in the dirt gets my attention pretty fast as well. Also events that are challenging  or involve me  at the intersection of my identities and/or loves. Challenging events might look like: Lots of dietary restrictions. Or I have to prepare all the food outdoors over an open fire in the middle of nowhere. Or there's interesting Bartering involved. Toss me an idea! 


Speaking events


Cooking Classes

Crafting, Jewelry Making

Retreat Cooking Services

Food Program Development



Board of Directors Development


Urban Garden Planning

Terrariums and all things Succulents

Catering (very Limited capacity)

Tiny House/Shipping Container/Etc


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