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What's in a name? ~aka~ Is that your REAL name? A note from Fresh.


A couple of things to know about me.  1. I hate it when people ask that question.  2. Don't ask me that question. 

Yes my name is "Real". What does that even mean? No, it's not the "name my mother gave me." Thanks Mom for my birth name, and  I was lucky enough to be given my chosen name by someone who after they met me, after they experienced me , stated it as a declaration.  And then I was humbled to have community affirm and honor it. And now I take it as my name, forever. And yes, it is my legal name. (Not that legality adds any validity to the name someone tells you is their name.)

Thank you Xavier Ma'at Ra who after seeing me said "You're like a breath of fresh air, like a fresh peach, I'm calling you Fresh".  And thank you too, to youth and staff of Broadway Youth Center, who over 9 years ago,  cemented my name for me.  Who let me feed them, and who to this day give me so much energy and love. Y'all are some of my favorite beings to feed. 

Call me Fresh. I am Fresh. Say Fresh.  Much love and appreciation.  ~Chef Fresh



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